Smoked Bun Restaurant

Smoked Bun is a restaurant that combines local cultural Fusion cuisine with international flavours and cooking techniques, creating a unique and delicious dining experience. The restaurant is designed to celebrate the rich heritage of the United Arab Emirates while also showcasing the diversity of global cuisine.


The menu offers a wide selection of enticing dishes that are authentic, yet modernized with bold and intense flavours. The focus is on using high-quality ingredients and presenting the dishes in a simple manner. A spot to grab a Food and Beverage Settle in and get comfortable. Food will be served family-style and shared amongst all members of the table


To safeguard a common assurance to the Food and Beverage industry, we are committed to the uncompromising quality of our food, delightful service, trained personnel, and to experience a homely feelings with essential care for our guests by promoting and strengthening the food and beverage industry of the United Arab Emirates


“Interact respectfully with our valued clients, convert their trust into a relationship, strictly follow and practice various disciplines of the catering industry, ensure mandatory health and hygiene, provide consistent excellent service, sustain great ambience and make each guest loyal to our Brand”.


The service at Smoked Bun is friendly and welcoming, with a focus on empowering women through employment opportunities and leadership roles. The restaurant also offers special services and care for Physically handicap People


UAE country that the restaurant represents, with vibrant colours, traditional artwork, and natural materials like greenly leaves, Selfie Point, the lighting is warm and welcoming, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


The music at Smoked Bun is a mix of traditional and contemporary songs from the region or country, creating a lively and festive vibe.


A welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere, With a delicious and authentic menu, vibrant decor, and friendly service, it's sure to be a hit with customers who are looking for a unique and flavourful dining experience.